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The Australian Hibiscus Society  site has lots of information and reports shows, etc. as they happen.

The American Hibiscus Society has an "official" site as well (you should see both) and some of its SHOWS - New show info' link is HERE. This site has well developed information pages relevant to hibiscus generally and specifically to growing hibiscus in cooler climates.  There are many hibiscus pictures displayed on the pages.

The Canadian Hibiscus Society is again active - worth a visit. They also have a message board / mail list.  Details are available in this detailed list of Message Boards or Mail Lists.

The Carleton University Greenhouse Millennium Project in Canada is worth a visit. Their fabulous photo page from butterflies through bromeliads to hibiscus is slow to load in its current format - but well worth the wait!!


The World of Hibiscus provides an introduction to aspects of propagating, growing and showing Hibiscus the world over and is a comprehensive Hibiscus information site that includes photo albums and links to all things hibiscus on the Internet.

The International Hibiscus Register and Registration Form will aid you with detailed information for registering a new cultivar.  It also provides breeding information for nearly 10,000 cultivars.

The Pests and Diseases Page is well advanced in construction and gives a wealth of instruction on how to identify problems and pests.  Chemical treatments are NOT provided as what is legal varies dramatically from place to place and you should refer to your local Society friends or government departments for specific help there.

Colleen Keena's Australian Native Hibiscus and other species has much interesting information about related species. 

Sam Andrews' LIST of LISTS from the USA is a MUST for students of horticulture in general as the "Fiend" has researched his subject thoroughly and you will find information about hibiscus and their relatives that you never would expect.  Enjoy this site - no pictures as yet - but remember the bulk of the information on specific cultivars refers to many varieties available only in America at present.  You'll recognize some as available here.

The Lone Star Chapter now has a searchable database of flowers. Don't miss this one.

HIBISCUS MAIL LISTS allow subscribers to communicate daily with other members.  The Hibiscus Mail List (THML) and the International Hibiscus Society ones are the best but there are several more, mostly language specific.  You must first subscribe to Yahoo Groups, creating name and password, and then find and join the two groups.  http://groups.yahoo.com/  Here is a detailed list of Message Boards or Mail Lists.


Hibiscus Hideaway Nursery is a boutique venture with an excellent range of plants in season.

Hibiscus World Nursery is back in development stage again having recently closed their retail outlet. It caters for trade orders.


Steve Sivek's HIBISCUS WORLD site is more of a stepping-off place to interesting other links. He also displays new seedlings of real interest.  His family sections are of interest for those of you who would like to know how to make your own family webpages.

Sean Mohme's STRICTLY HIBISCUS is commercial.  However, its main interest for Australian viewers is the long lists in alphabetic order of hibiscus pictures.   Enjoy!

Charles Black runs Hidden Valley Nursery in California and has become an exchange supplier of American hybrids to Australian nurseries. See his totally reworked site with its many pages of information and pictures. There is also a Message List facility which will allow you to swap information with Hibiscus lovers around the world.

David and Linda Franzman have a hibiscus nursery called A Touch of the Tropics in California - with a very informative web site on growing hibiscus.

Curt Sinclair's Nursery is now on line as Exotic Hibiscus with very interesting information.

Winn Soldani's Fancy Hibiscus site is worth a visit as it also has information and pictures. 


The complete guide to...
Home Improvement, Gardening and Horticulture

This site has many horticultural links. In particular, it has a society and association section which should prove useful if you seek information on all plants imaginable.
http://users.bigpond.net.au/hibiscus/ is Jim Purdie's comprehensive site on many aspects of growing and showing hibiscus.
The International Hibiscus Society, the creation of Richard Johnson in Tahiti. It offers a Message List facility with flower image competitions, etc. There is much of interest here for the Hibiscus addict!

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